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Helvie Knives markets a ready to carve basswood handled knife for any carver who would like to carve a unique handle.

A carving friend wanted a Pirate knife handle carved for another friend and a Wizard knife handle carved for himself.

The photographic gallery depicts several views of each carved knife handle and a personalized blade cover. The Wizard blade cover is a stack of books containing the secets of the wizard’s magic with one book bearing the name of the recipient of the knife. The Pirate blade cover is a treasure chest bearing the name of the recipient.

Each was finished with a monochrome color of raw sienna artist oil paint mixed with boiled linseed oil. Since texture is color the monochrome color was chosen to highlight the texture of the carved details and facets left by the carving knife. Each was carved in the Whittle-Carving style of using only a knife in the carving process.

The Pirate Knife Handle was carved for Mike Sullins and the Wizard Knife Handle was carved for Mark Akers who both are carvers from South Carolina and are my good friends as well. Woodcarving makes for good friends as well as a great way to explore one’s creative personality through carving wood. The basswood handled Helvie knife project is a good way to explore creativity and imagination in a tool that is close to the carver’s heart.

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