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The WOOD BEE CARVER is primarily a knife carver who also has enjoyed the sideline activity of turning old pocket knives into carving knives.  Old junk pocket knives were purchased very cheaply at junk stores, flea markets and garage sales over the years for the purpose of salvaging these once noble instruments of boyhood lore.

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This posting is a visual and written description of this Study Cuts Stick that was used when teaching wood carving classes. The WOOD BEE CARVER would place small boxes on the student’s tables that contained pencils, band aids, leather strops, a couple carving knives and a Mertz Study Cuts stick for reference during class sessions.

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Carved wooden blade covers serve a practical purpose of protecting the blade as well as the carver reaching for a carving knife amid the other knives is the tool tote, bag or box. An instructional posting on how to make a simple blade covers can be found by clicking on KNIFE BLADE COVERS The two photos above are examples of blade covers from a simple wood burned design along with carved faces and a chipped carved cover.

Carving faces on blade covers are an excellent way of practicing the carving of faces as well as letting creative imagination free to carve expressive blade covers unique and functional.

Never miss an opportunity to carve something new and challenging because carving is always a learning experience and the more one carves the better one carves.  “Keep carving and carving will keep you carving.” Motto: “Would be carvers would be carvers if they would carve wood.”





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A Chip Carving friend, Marshall Stearns coined the phrase, “Carving is like taking a bath ~ You do it everyday or you stink.” There is great value in carving every day, if nothing more than guiding the carving tool through the wood making a variety of experimental cuts.  A long time the Wood Bee Carver has said, “Woodcarving is more the journey rather than the destination,” which means the shear enjoyment that comes to the carver in the process of carving.  The destination would be the completion of a carving project, but once finished the carver longs to get back to the process and activity of carving.

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DON WORLEY Carves “Dudes on Steroids”

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Don Worley is a carving friend to many within the carving family, having been the long time chairman of the Dayton Artistry in Wood and has participated in carving shows in Ohio, Indiana and the old Dollywood Carving Show.  His outgoing and fun loving personality is reflected in his caricature carving as well as his friendship.

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A WIZARD’S TALE ~ Don Stephenson

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Don Stephenson wrote an article for Woodcarving Illustrated about his art in the comic book “A Wizard’s Tale” and his collaboration with Don Mertz in the carving of Don Stephenson as “Wizard” by Mertz and Stephenson doing the wood burning art on the wizard’s staff. Click on link “WIZARD Don Stephenson” to read more about this collaboration.



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The FOX and RABBIT are recent carving journeys into new territory for this old carver.  During show-n-tell at the Dayton Carvers meeting, my good friend Gary Walker said I should say that the fox carving represented me when the girls referred to me as a “Fox” in my younger years.  I said they referred to me as a “skunk” by being a “little stinker” then and still being a “big stinker” now.  That prompted another artist friend, Don Stephenson to draw a likeness of me as a “Skunk,” as in the photo above.  The Rabbit was carved during this same time period as the fox.

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Whittle Dwarfs came into existence in 2011 by artist Don Stephenson who drew a few examples as carving ideas for the Wood Bee Carver.  The first dwarfs were based upon these original drawings by Don Stephenson.

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