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The explanation for why this Old Carver continues to make Other Knives is in an old saying: “Give a monkey a gum wrapper to entertain him for the rest of the day.”  Monkeying around with making carving knives is an entertainment for this Old Carver.  These knives are made for personal use to experiment with blade shapes that are versatile in the carving process especially for miniature Whittle-Carving.

The blades come from an assortment of old pocket knives accumulated in earlier years (once again for the nostalgic entertainment of pocket knives lore).  The photos below will show a combination of the old pocket knife from which the blades were harvested and the Other Knives made from that pocket knife.





The next sequence of photos will show illustrations of the shaping of the blades using a hand cranked grinning wheel, a Dremel with sanding tube,   [NOTE: when using power belt sander and Dremel sanding drum, dip blade in water to cool during the process so as not to soften harness and temper of blade.] inserting blade fitted with twisted wire into brass tubing, epoxy gluing the tubes and then epoxy gluing the blade into the wooden handle also illustrated as to initial form of handle.  A complete how-to description can be found in an earlier posting by clicking on OTHER KNIVES.

This has been a description of the entertainment that this Old Carver does from time to time in preparation for additional entertainment that comes in the carving process.  After all, when we think about it, a hobby is simply an activity that one does for the entertainment that has something to show for monkeying around.





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