OLD SALT and Half Pints

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A carving of a “Sea Captain” can also be called an “Old Salt” or a “Sea Man” (as a man of the sea) because their outfit is similar.  The carvings featured in this posting are a five inch Old Salt and four Half Pints, three inches tall, that are in the motif of an Old Salt or they both could be considered as Sea Captains.

The first photo gallery presented is that of the four views of five-inch-tall Old Salt whose outfit is painted in the typical coordination of such a man of the sea. The second photo gallery will present the Half Pint Old Salts, three inches tall and finished with a monochrome finish of one color to highlight the “texture is color” distinction of the carved surface.  Both galleries will contain photos of the carving in progress to emphasize particular features of the carving process.

The progressive photos below begin with the first stage is to carve the hat and head to basic form and then the body portion guidelines are drawn to continue to guide the next steps in carving the body to basic form.  Two photos will give a picture of the basic form of carving the hand, pipe and mouth in proportion with the position on the face.





The Half Pint is a smaller version of the larger Old Salt carving as viewed in the first two photos below as they appear detailed carved without any finish.


Next will be each of the four Half pints individually followed by four photos of all four Half Pints in four views.



The progressive photos will show the beginning stage of carving the pipe in corner of mouth, the hand-held pipe, the clasp hand behind the back and a comparative view of the beginning stage of carving the hat and head on one Half Pint with a completely carved Half Pint standing behind the first one.




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