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Be warned, “the Old Geezers are coming, the Old Geezers are coming, the Old Geezers are coming ~ it is an Old Geezer Apocalypse.” Old Geezers are all around us.  They may go by other names like grumpy old men, old coots, curmudgeons, codgers, old soldier, old fogy, fuddy-duddy, Gramps or old timer.  One way or another we all are inching our way to becoming an Old Geezer.

This six inch tall carving of an Old Geezer is an example of a mental image of such a delightful and fun loving Old Timer who could tell us wonderful tales, some true, some exaggerated and many repeated.  He is a solemn reminder of who we may become, so beware.  One final thought, Old Geezers are fond of whittling as well as spinning yarns.  Join the Old Geezer Apocalypse.


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