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Tree Topper

October Whittlings  are a variety of carving projects that were done to get ready for upcoming shows,  to replace popular subjects or just for the fun of it.  All were carved using only a knife in the Whittle-Carving style of the WOOD BEE CARVER.

Spud Willie in the first three photographs above is three inches tall.  The Santa holding a sign that says “30th Year Artistry in Wood”  is to be the tree topper on the Raffle Prize of carved ornaments on a tree at the Artistry in Wood Show, November 12 and 13 at the Dayton Airport Exposition Center.

The photographs that follow  speak for themselves in the journey of visual observation.  The Face  was carved out of an inch square scrap of basswood for the fun of it.  Santa Jewelry Pins  are relief carvings on a thin basswood strip.  The Three Whittle Folk Monks  are three inches tall and the Egg Santa  is carved out of basswood hen egg.  Each is finished with artist oil paint and boiled linseed oil followed by a coat of Deft.


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