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Plumber's FriendPlumber/s FriendPlumber's FriendPlumber's Friend

Novelty Carvings follow the Old Carver’s Law: “Leave no wood uncarved.”    In the example in the photographs above, a head of a sea captain is carved on the top of the handle of a plumber’s helper (plunger) and with a roll of toilet paper it becomes a handy bathroom fixture or outhouse novelty.

Scrapper FacesScrapper FacesScrapper FacesScrapper Faces

Scrapper Faces are carved from “scraps of wood” that serve both as a novelty carving and a way to practice carving faces.  Novelty is “for the fun of it” just as carving is basically for fun.  Lets all have more fun by carving a little every day and “the more one carves the better one carves,”  a novelty in itself.

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