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Lovespone by HartmanNorm HartmanTop of Love Spoon

Norb Hartman recently gifted me with a personalized love spoon that has a “WOOD BEE” at its top who has a carving knife in each of its hands as can be seen in the photos above that frame a picture of Norb.

Norb Hartman Love SpoonsNorb Hartman Middletown

Norb is perhaps the most prolific wood carver that I know in that his carving subject projects are quite varied.  Whatever he carves is always done with flair of preciseness and artistic ingenuity.  For the last six months he has immersed himself in carving love spoons of both historic accuracy and artistic license of carving his own design and style.

Hartman                  Norb Hartman

Norb and his wife Mary Ellen, who is also an accomplished carver, delight visitors of woodcarving shows with their table display which always highlight their competition winning ribbons.  The only thing that surpasses their carving expertise is the generosity of their friendship and delightful humor.  They host an annual holiday open house for their carving friends who each receive a souvenir carving by Norb.  Norb and Mary Ellen are living proof that some of the best friendships are those within the woodcarving family.  Thank you Norm and Mary Ellen for your gift of friendship and carving inspiration.


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