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Tree Noggins            Tree Noggins            Tree NogginsWhittle Dwarfs            Whittle Dwarfs            Whittle Dwarfs

Tree Noggins and Whittle Dwarfs are the “fun” carvings that are adventures in carving a variety of faces. Tree Noggins have been a staple carving venue for more than thirty years while carving about twenty to thirty a year for a local country festival.

Whittle Dwarfs have been carved for a few years based upon a drawing done by my good artist and woodcarving friend Don Stephenson. Several are carved at the same time with the intent to make each one a little different while keeping the basic format of design the same.

Both the Noggins and Dwarfs are another way to practice carving a variety of faces and learning to put a little personality in each one. They are good examples of what has been experienced over the past forty years of carving in that one learns by carving and the more one carves the better one carves. In addition, carving a similar subject over and over, one learns to put some variety of appearance into each one by not ending up with every face looking the same. Once again it is example of the benefits of carving as often as possible realizing that each carving project is another “practice carving,” that will teach a new and fresh lesson in carving. Thanks to every Noggin and every Dwarf for the fun journey thus far and the promise of more to carve just over the horizon. BEE CARVEFUL.

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