NO SEE-UMS by Don Worley – II

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NO SEE-UMS CLASS PROJECTSDon Worley taught a class on how to carve his NO SEE-UMS to members of the Miami Valley Wood Carving club members in Middletown, Ohio in January, 2009.  The three No See-Ums in the photograph are the ones I did in his class.  No See-Ums are fun carving subjects that become addictive in that one leads to doing another and then another.

DON WORLEY TEACHING HERSHAL BORDERSIn this photo Don is teaching eighty six year old Hershal Borders the finer points of carving a No See-um.  Hershal is well known for his “Story Canes” and being an award winning carver.  And yet, Hershal is the “poster child” for the advantage of taking wood carving classes.  One can always learn and besides it is always fun to associate with other woodcarvers be they an instructor or fellow students.

WORLEY’S NO SEE-UMSWORLEY’S NO SEE-UMSThese two photographs show the great variety of No See-Ums that can be carved from this simple carving project.  They are addictive in that as one is carved another idea comes to mind and then another and another. The other advantage is that each is a good practice in learning to carve faces by not having to worry about carving eyes.  With confidence in doing No See-Ums a carver can practice even more with carving in eyes with the results being in the following photographs of Don Worley’s No See-Ums with eyes.

NO SEE-UMS WITH EYESNO SEE-UMS WITH EYESAdditional information about No See-Ums can be found in the November 21, 2008 post.  Don Worley has given to the carving world a fun carving project.  Don is a very generous wood carver who gives much to the wood carving community.  He has served many years as chair and co-chair of the Dayton Artistry in Wood show and besides that he is a good friend.  Thank you Don!

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