Wood carvers are some of the best folk one will ever meet and some very good friendships occur through woodcarving activities.  Perhaps it is because wood carvers share that special bond of creative energy that not only carves wood but carves a special place in the hearts of friends.  Such a friendship produces good humor and playful kidding along with the mutual encouragement in the art of carving friendships.  One such example of this kind of friendship was bestowed upon me as “an honor” long to be cherished in the form of a “relief sculpture” as only Norb Hartmann can do, which he has done for many people.


This “relief sculpture” is a depiction of how The WOOD BEE CARVER looks when he participates in wood carving shows with bib overalls, bow tie with tails and a black derby hat (an outfit worn since 1976 and somewhat of a trademark).  The likeness is uncanny but what makes it even more special is the labor of love and friendship that went into the carving and all the while Norb and his wife Mary Ellen were chucking at the fun they were producing.


Norb did another of his “good humor sneak attacks” on fellow wood carver Jim Rawlings by turning a duck decoy rough out into a Jim Rawlings Duck Decoy.  Other wood carvers including Ed Gallenstein, editor of Chip Chats, family members and even Norb’s pastor-priest have suffered from his “good humor sneak attacks” of wonderful relief sculptures.


These are two examples of Norb’s carvings that were on display at a recent Cincinnati Carving show to illustrate that he does more that “sneak attacks of good humor.”


The photo on the left is Norb at the Middletown, Ohio show with some of his carvings on display.  The other photo is of his wife, Mary Ellen at the Dollywood Wood Carving Show.  Notice her carvings and especially the purple “Intermediate Best of Show” ribbon.  Mary Ellen is also an accomplished carver.

“No Good Turn Goes Unpunished” and so the honor bestowed upon me by Norb and Mary Ellen is now shared with the world wide web for all to see what a wonderful world of friendship wood carving is and will always be because wood carvers are some of the nicest folk around.

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