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half pints 2 028half pints 2 027

Whittle Half Pints are three inch tall figures that are carved a half inch to a foot scale. They begin as an inch square by three inch tall block of basswood. Five more Half Pints are displayed in this photo review.

half pints 2 015half pints 2 011half pints 2 012half pints 2 013half pints 2 021half pints 2 026half pints 2 025half pints 2 024half pints 2 016half pints 2 018half pints 2 019half pints 2 020half pints 2 006half pints 2 008half pints 2 009half pints 2 010half pints 2 004half pints 2 001half pints 2 002half pints 2 003

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