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Whittle Doodle

The carving pictured to the left came up missing at a recent woodcarving show by a “sleight of hand” purchase of a “display only” carving.  After having posted its being missing on this blog (now deleted) and on Woodcarving Illustrated Forum and Facebook, the person in possession of the carving telephoned and then returned the carving by mail.  Without going into a lot of detail, suffice it to say that the carving is safely home.

Whittle Doodles  carved by the WOOD BEE CARVER as examples of what can be carved using only a knife carving free hand designs.  Whittle Doodles are never for sale other that being donated for woodcarving shows and club’s silent auctions, raffles and fund raising activities. The one in the photos received a blue ribbon at the 2009 CCA Competition and is a less than two inch square block.  It is “priceless” to the artist who is happy to have it back home.

The photographs that follow show the various Whittle-Carved free hand carvings on the Whittle Doodle  from all angles.

Whittle DoodleWhittle DoodleWhittle Doodle Whittle Doodle Whittle Doodle Whittle Doodle Whittle Doodle Whittle Doodle

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