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The Wood Bee Carver has been known to have carved miniatures as one expression of Whittle-Carving of using only knives to carve. Here are seven recent carvings of two inch miniatures that are now on display at Peter Engler Designs in Branson, MO.

Knives used to carve miniatures are small blades that have been reshaped especially for miniature carving of two inch tall figures.  The blades need to be super sharp and stropped often to maintain a pristine cutting edge.  The three photos below are the knives dedicated for miniature and fine detail carving.  The first photo is of Helvie Knives that have been modified both with each blade and some of the handles. The second photo are Ralph E. Long knives that have been modified for miniature and fine detail carving. The third photo shows a variety of knives made from old pocket knife blades, modified both in blade shape and in handle styles.

Each miniature takes approximately two to three hours once the design has been imagined. Slicing cuts are the key to make small and precise cuts to shape and detail the carving so as to make clean cuts and not break the thinned areas.  Potentially weak area remain connected to adjacent areas of the carving for strength and while carving the hand held piece of wood a gently touch is recommended.  “Slow and Easy” is the mantra while carving a miniature and taking breaks to rest eye strain and muscle tightness will also help allow imagination to lead the way in completing the miniature. Keep in mind that every carving project is a “practice piece” and “practice makes progress” in learning and experience (perfection is never the goal nor ever achieved.) Always remember, “The more one carves the better one carves ~ keep carving and carving will keep you carving.”


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