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Whittle Doodles are doodling with a knife while shaping a block of wood with a variety of carving designs.  The Mini Whittle Doodle is carved into an inch square by three quarters of inch block of basswood using a small bladed knife to carve four faces and embellish with freehand chip carved designs. The knife was made by the carver using the same blade material Bud Murray uses to make his knives (planer blade steel). (click on each photo to enlarge)

study carvings study carvingsstudy carvings study carvingsstudy carvings study carvings study carvings study carvings

All carving projects should be “just for the fun of it” rather than being handcuffed by the tension of carving too seriously.  Relax and let the creative imagination flow by letting the fun out to experience the serendipity of discovery.  Whittle Doodles allow for such self-discoveries to be set free as no act of carving is ever a waste, be it waste of time, wood or ability.  Carving is learning by doing and if there is nothing doing there is no learning, thus “would be carvers would be carvers if they would carve wood.”


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