MINI MERTZ II ~ Detail Knife

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Mini Mertz

HELVIE KNIVES announces the introduction of the MINI MERTZ II ~ # 6-2 Signature Series detail knife.  This new and additional version of the MINI MERTZ utilizes a different blade material and shape as well as handles shape.

Mini MertzMini Mertz

The Mini Mertz II # 6-2 is made using a thicker blade stock used in the rough out Helvie Knives.  Its narrow blade is an inch and half long. The original MINI MERTZ  with its inch and quarter blade uses a thinner blade stock used in the detail Helvie Knives.  Each blade possesses its own “feel of cut” characteristic.  Either knife would be a good choice for making precise detail cuts while carving.

Akers - Helvie 019         Mini Mertz         Mini Mertz

The handles on both Mini detail knives are designed to be held with fingers and thumb much like a pencil or artist paint brush is held.  In the photograph “Comparing Handle Sizes” The Mini knives are compared with the regular and fatter style handles on the other Signature Series knives.

 All of the WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Series knives are designed for making slicing cuts.  To maintain the cutting edge’s slicing ability it is recommended to occasionally strop the knife blade on a leather strop by hand to keep the cutting edge in tune.

HELVIE KNIVES announces that the Mini Mert II can also be ordered with a Big Handle as well as the regular mini handle as seen in the photo below.

Mini Mertz II




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