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CLEAN CUTTING WOODCARVERMichael Keller of White Eagle Studios is a very good carving friend who publishes a web log.  Michael is an advocate for making clean slicing cuts.  The slicing cut is the most efficient way to use a cutting tool as it allows the cutting teeth of the cutting edge to seperate the wood fibers while the side of the cutting tool burnishes the wood as it rubs the surface. ******************************************************************************************************

Read what Michael has to say about “Achieving Clean Woodcarving Cuts” http://whiteeaglestudios.wordpress.com/2009/11/02/achieving-clean-woodcarving-cuts/ and then continue to read his other postings as well as visiting his web site.

You will be enriched and discover another woodcarving friend in Michael Keller.  Michael is the author of unique sayings that I use from time to time when signing off, as in “Carvefully yours,” and ” Stay Sharp and Be Carveful.” Besides being a terrific carver, Michael is an insightful writer coming up with pearls of wisdom.  Most of all he is my good friend.

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