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Merry ChristamsChristmas is a special time to be reminded again that peace and good will happens every time, no matter what time of year it is, when we give our selves away in love and friendship.  In the wood carving world such a friendhip is experienced over and over again where ever and when ever wood carvers gather together.  There is a spirit of generosity and willingness to help one another and share the experiences of wood carving. Memories made over the years on the journey we call wood carving brings an inner peace and joy in knowing and remembering some of the very best people in the world, wood carvers.

Most wood carvers at one time or another have carved at least one Santa while a good number of wood carvers specialize in Santa carving.  And so it is, Christmas, at first thought Santa pops into our thoughts, but then on second thought, Christmas retains its original Gift, the celebration of the birth of Jesus as told again in the Christmas Story of Gospel readings, Christmas Carols and Sacred Music retelling the Gift of Love.  It is the very best understanding of this Gift of Love that encourages us all to “give ourselves away” in friendship, creativity, good will  and doing unto others as we would they do unto us.

Such “Gifts of Friendship” are “Priceless” so may the generosity of love continue to inspire us as we carve a place for ourselves in the hearts of fellow wood carvers.  Merry Christmas to all, every day of the year.

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