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Jim and Rita Lukens

Jim and Rita Lukens  from Knightstown, IN are regular wood vendors at woodcarving shows in the Ohio and Indiana area. Occasionally they will have a little block of wood with a flaw like a large knot or nature’s crack that is marked “FREE” as a good natured gesture of humor. Or perhaps they know that there are some carvers like the WOOD BEE CARVER who follows the Old Carvers Rule “leave no wood uncarved,”  and will accept the “FREE” block of wood.  Rita asks only that the carver bring back the block when carved to show what can be carved out of such an unusual piece of wood.

The carving of “Lukey”  is the result of this “FREE” block of wood that was carved into a caricature of Jim, who is noted for chewing on the stub of a cigar.  Instead of showing Rita what was carved out of the “FREE” block of wood, “Lukey”  was given back to her as a gift of friendship and gesture of “one good turn deserves to be punished”  with a gift of humor.  Woodcarving friends are the best of friends and the best at having fun.


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