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Lone Wolf carving has appeared in earlier editions and this is the latest interpretation of this subject carved in Butternut measuring nine inches tall four inches wide and three inches deep.  Every carving of the same subject takes on its own personality due to the creative interpretation process that evolves in the “design by carving” process.

This process begins with a block of wood with square corners that are rounded off beginning with the head portion of the carving.  Once the head portion has been established the block is divided using the Rule of Three of body proportions into the three sections ~ Shoulder to Waist; Waist to Mid Knees; and Mid Knees to Bottom of feet. Into these three sections the arms, hands, legs, feet and clothing landmarks are drawn as guidelines.  These guidelines guide the removal of wood while working towards the major part of the body.



It is while removing the excess wood that the “design by carving” takes place as often the cuts made by the carving tool will leave a shape that suggests a refinement of that shape to compliment the imagined design. In other words, as wood is being removed, the design speaks for itself in the carved shape that remains in the wood.  Periodically during this “design by carving” process, photos will be taken to capture that stage of development.  This will be seen in the unfolding of the “in progress” photos displayed as a visual tutorial.

The visual tutorial photo gallery begins with a peek into the carving station where the carving takes place.  Notice that it is cluttered with carving knives, tools and accessories at finger tip reach.  Notice also that the background of the subject being carved is a photo montage of a previous version of the subject used for visual reference even though it is of another interpretation with feathers. Surprise of surprises, many of the early progress photos will show evidence of the use of gouges and V tools for the initial shaping of the large block.  Knives were used for the detail carving (so you see the Wood Bee Carver does slip over to the Dark Side once in a while when necessary).




The next series of photos show a jump in the progress in that some of the areas are taking on an almost finished form.  The last three photos in the sequence show the completed stage ready for the boiled linseed oil finish to be applied.  The hair, and leather fringe on the shirt and leggings were shaped with a V tool.  The hair braids, hair beads, bone necklace and bone breast plate, peace pipe, facial features and fingers were detail carved with knives. The soft drapery waves and wrinkles of the shirt and leggings were produced with slice and roll knife cuts. The decorative designs on the breech clouts, moccasins, and peace pipe were wood burned.



The pose of Lone Wolf has him in a pensive mood looking skyward as if reading the signs in the clouds or perhaps a deep in thought look to an elevated horizon.  Such a pose gives a sense of movement as opposed to a statuary stance. The oil finish gives a soft depth to the Butternut grain and a warm color. The photos in this final gallery brings a climax to Lone Wolf in the panoramic views.








Lone Wolf continues to look off into an unknown horizon to indicate that life is an unending circle and we follow the path of a journey of a lifetime.  Carve you dreams.

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