LAME DUCK – Revisited

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As a follow up of the “Silent Auction” project for Artistry in Wood Show in Dayton, Ohio of carving a duck-that-is-not-a-duck out of a duck body rough out the photographs to follow will give an example of the creativity and imagination of wood carvers.  Some carvers stayed fairly close to the original shape while carving thier imaginative ideas.  Others carved away a lot of the excess wood to present a carving that fit into their realm of expertise.  All in all it was a fun project with the proceeds from the silent auction being divided between the United Rehabilitation Services  and the carver. United Rehabilitation Services is the chaity that the Artisty in Wood and Dayton Carvers Guild donate at least $5000 a year as a way to give the gift of carving back to the community in a very helpful manner.  Woodcarvers are not “chiselers” but are generous in more ways that just carving.





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