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HELVIE KNIVES proudly presents …. A BASSWOOD KNIFE HANDLE CARVING CONTEST.  There will be two classes from which to choose: an Intermediate Class and an Open Class.  Intermediate Class is usually for beginner carvers or for people who have less than a few years carving experience.  The Open Class is for everyone, regardless of experience.

HELVIE KNIVES will supply the basswood handled knives to be carved by all entrants.  The handles are about six inches in length with a girth (circumference) of about an inch and half.  All basswood handled knives distributed to participants will have a “dummy” blade that is not sharp.

All carved handled entries must be returned to HELVIE KNIVES by March 10, 2013.  The carved handled entries will be judged at the Renegade Roundup in Tennessee by the renowned award winning carver Mark Akers.

Prizes for the winner of the Intermediate Class is a Two Knife Set of Helvie Knives consisting of Detail and Roughout blades with choice of handle style.  Prizes for the Open Class is a Four Knife Set of Helvie Knives consisting of Jumbo, Roughout, Detail and Mini blades with choice of handle style.

All carved handled knife entries become the property of HELVIE KNIVES which will be on display in the office of HELVIE KNIVES. 

Contact HELVIE KNIVES at 765-675-8811 or email at zen@tiptontel.com to enter the contest or receive more information.  Each participant will receive entry form, instructions, blank knife handle and mailing instructions.  Each entrant is asked to make sure name is placed on carved knife handle to identify each carver.

 Rich and Holli Smithson, owners and manufacturers of HELVIE KNIVES thanks all entrants for participating and wishes good luck to all.

[For examples of carved knife handles look under “Main Menu” to find and click on “Blog Index Map” scroll down to “Knives” category to find and click on “Helvie Knife Collection” and “Helvie Knife Handle Project.]  

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