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DON MERTZ COLLECTION HELVIE KNIVES SIG SERIES 21 #0001 W/CARVED BLADE COVER (see photo) is the current knife listed on eBay. Since the Wood Bee Carver has retired from teaching and participating in carving shows he no longer carries an inventory of his Helvie Signature Series Knives. He is liquidating his personal collection of #1 and #2 of the Signature Series Knives as they were made by issuing three knives a week for the bidding process. Half way through the liquidation there are approximately 24 more knives to be listed. These knives were designed by the Wood Bee Carver with a curved cutting edge and specially designed shapes to aid in the Whittle-Carving process and made by HELVIE KNIVES. If interested is taking a look, go to eBay and search for “DON MERTZ COLLECTION HELVIE KNIVES…” to follow along the process.

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