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A carved knife blade cover is attractive and offers protection while at the same time is a curiosity piece for fellow carvers who would also like to make their own blade cover.

The photographs that follow accompanied with the written instructions can guide anyone who would like to make and carve their own blade cover.


Making a knife blade cover that can be carved is really quite simple and easy to do.  Find a thin strip of basswood a little wider that the blade’s width and laying the blade on the side of the strip draw an outline of the blade. Cut it a little longer than the drawing  of the blade and cut an additional strip the same length of the first piece.  Next mortise out the area between the drawn lines in the shape of the blade.  Fit the blade in the mortised out area and place the second strip on top of the blade squeezing the two strips together between thumb and fingers.  Try sliding the blade in and out of the two strips to determine a tight fit and yet one in which the blade slides out with ease.

When the proper fit is determined apply Super Glue Gel to the mortised side of the strip and press the second strip on top of the glued strip aligning up all edges.  Squeeze the two strips tightly between thumb and fingers to spread the glue for a tight fit.  Let dry for a short time before  inserting the knife blade in and out a few times to insure a workable fit.  Wipe any glue that might be on the blade and do not re-insert the blade until the glue is securely dry.  Once glue is completely dried the knife blade cover can now be carved and shaped to the creativity of the carver.  Apply protective finish of choice to complete the blade cover.

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