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Mark Akers of Lexington, SC is a carving friend spanning several years who has developed a unique style of carving that is his signature.  Professionally he is known as “KarolinaKarver” and has his carvings posted for sale on “Etsy- KarolinaKarver.”  Mark has published several articles in Woodcarving Illustrated and has taught at the Renegade Round Up in Lebanon, TN a few times and will teach again there this October.

The photos in this showcase gallery are some of his recent carvings depicting his eye catching style both in carving design, carving skill and pristine painting.  The photos below include ornaments, shelf sitters, knife holder and golf ball cages.  Notice the shelf sitters are showing the hands on either side of the face which is a unique innovation design by this artist.  Also the curly beards are a signature design by the artist. (click on each photo to enlarge)



The next series of photos demonstrate the creative imagination and flair of design both in the carving and the painting skills.  Take a comparative look at each carving to capture the beauty and creativity in each carving.

The civil war soldier stands ten inches tall with every detail amplified with precision. The shelf sitter below has a lot of twists and turns in its design that goes beyond it humor to have a beauty all its own, (notice the hands).

Here are four more photos of recent carvings, two Santa ornament, civil war soldier with cigar bottle stopper and the Hulk shelf sitter.




The final three photos are of some of his carving tools at the work station,  rough out duplicator set up and the painting station. It is here that the creative imagination of the KarolinaKarver excels.  Thanks Mark for your inspiration.


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