JOHN DUNKLE – Ohio Knife Maker

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John Dunkle of Archbold, Ohio has been making a name for himself through the reputation of the carving knives and carving tools that he makes and sells. Following in his father, Herb Dunkle’s footsteps, John has carved his own niche through the quality and beauty of his woodcarving tools.  He is very knowledgeable about what he knows best be it knife making, knife care and sharpening or his helpfulness to wood carvers.

Recently John worked very hard at adapting one of his knife designs into a shape that would be compatible for the type of slicing cuts required for doing the Whittle-Carving style of the Wood Bee Carver.  John has agreed to have either of the two knives that appear in the photo above for any customer who would like to purchase this style of knife.  Contact John by phone or email to find out more information about ordering such a knife or visit him whenever he sets up his tool display at various carving shows in the Ohio area and surrounding states.  Tell him the WOOD BEE CARVER recommended his knives.


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