JOHN BURKE – Remembered

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John Burke  was remembered at the Artistry in Wood Show in Dayton, Ohio with a display of his signature carvings including the Caricature Scene of “Leroy’s Garage.”  Noted for his Native American and Mountain Men carvings, John also created Santa carvings, bronzes and rustic Western furniture.  Perhaps where he excelled the most was through his instructional advancement of woodcarving  and the number of his students who became instructors in their own right.  He and his lovely wife Nancy sponsored the long running Western Art and Wildlife Seminar as well as manufacturing the famous “Burke Sharpening System.”  The woodcarving family remembers  John with great affection and humorous anecdotes of John’s wit and fun loving ways.  He has certainly carved a place in our room called “Remember.”   A previous memorial tribute may be viewed in the January 30, 2010 posting under Carving Friends.



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