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Jim Hecker of  Elk River, MN is a retired Lutheran pastor who has been carving as a hobby for some time.  The Scandinavian Flat Plane style of carving has been his primary exercise in carving pursuit.  That is until recently when he carried carving to the next level.  The Next Level is to carve an original idea into a personal design that goes beyond what one normally carves.

Jim wanted to carve a birthday gift for a retired United Church of Christ clergy friend that would bear some resemblance of the recipient.  “The Right Reverend” was the result of his imaginative planning,  modeling and carving the final design.  The photographic journey that follows presents overall views of this outstanding carving.


The photographic journey that follows presents overall views of this outstanding carving.












Jim said that after he created the basic pattern he cut out the general shape on a band saw using a two inch square by six inch tall block of basswood.  He left the sawed out blank bulky with enough wood to allow for creativity in the carving process.  While he posed holding a book, his wife Sue took pictures to help with getting the details of the hands holding the book to look realistic.

When the carving was completed, Jim painted the figure with acrylics thinned with water and finished with Watco Danish Oil Nature and a final coat of Watco Satin Wax thinned 1 to 2 with mineral spirits.

Every carver should learn to do as Jim has done by carving an original design based upon a good knowledge of the carving subject.  It is not all that difficult to do if the carver begins with the attitude of “learning by doing” and not become discouraged with the first few attempts.  Carving is an activity and experience one grows into by doing the exercise of imagination with persistant practice.

A carving done for a friend  is putting a lot of the carver into the carving in what is often called a “labor of love,” which  results in “better than expected” results.

Jim honored his friend with a cherished carving that is a testimony of carving from the heart through the hands to create art that lasts.


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