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A good carving friend who brings a smile not only through his outgoing personality but also through his unique carving creations that mixes a little humor into his characters is being showcased in this photo display.

Ivan Snyder of Long Island, NY is recuperating from a stroke as well as sheltering because of the pandemic.  His coming out came by participating recently in the Lancaster Woodcarving Show. The photos are of his table display at the show along with some close up of his small figures.  His humor was on display with his little sign on one of his display boxes that said, “Ask about my rough outs.” To which when one person asked Ivan brought out a block of basswood ~ a blank block which brought a round of laughter throughout the show.  That is just the way Ivan is, who not only is known for his delicious cheesecakes but also his good natured and fun-loving friendship.  He carvings certainly bring a lot of humor as well as admiration for his creativity even though limited with sight deficiency.  He sees beyond such limitation to capture a unique signature of his art form. Study the photos to see again what Ivan sees.




Ivan ~ the Carver is also a good friend to the carving family.  Thank you, Ivan.


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