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There is an old story that says, “The TOOTH BRUSH was invented by a Red Neck ‘cause if it was invented by anyone else it would have been called TEETH BRUSH.”  Humor like this is an invitation for carving a caricature which the Wood Bee Carver did twenty years ago.  Now the same theme is used to do two interpretations of the “Inventor of the Tooth Brush.” One is wearing a mustard colored shirt and is bare footed and the other is wearing shoes and a bow tie but they both have the “one tooth” and a “Tooth Brush.”


The first photo gallery will display the finished carvings in individual poses. Artist oil paint thinned with boiled linseed oil was used for coloration.







The second photo gallery contains progressive development in comparison with the twenty-year-old original and the first and second caricatures being carved.


Remember to brush your teeth or tooth as the case may be.

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