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The WOOD BEE CARVER is primarily a knife carver who is continuously experimenting with blade designs to help in the Whittle-Carving process.


The ZIG ZAG blade design has three major cutting edges as illustrated in the two photos below. The longer curved cutting edge labeled “A” is the major cutting edge that is used most often and the shorter curved skew cutting edge labeled “C” is the secondary cutting edge that is used when the cut needs to go in another direction.  “A” represents carving on the ZIG and the “C” represents carving on the ZAG or Zig in one direction and Zag the other direction as a continuation of the carving process.  The portion of the blade labeled “B” (in between the Zig and Zag) preforms with a mini shallow gouge cut as well as a controlled stop cut portion of the blade.  Like any innovative blade design there is a learning curve to discover the versatility of slicing cuts to be made with the combination of slicing cutting edges.


The next series of photographs will show a variety of positions of the ZIG ZAG blade was used. The first two photographs show the smaller blade being used to carve relief trees on a tongue depressor to make book marks.  The second two photographs show shows the larger Zig Zag blade carving a three-inch figure.



The next series of photographs begin with the larger blade being used to open up the space between the stretchers and legs of a rocking chair.  The first photo illustrates the “B” portion of the Zig Zag blade making controlled stop cuts.  The second photo illustrates the “C” or Zag portion of the blade while the third photos illustrates the “A” or Zig portion of the blade being used.


The next three photos are a continuation of the Zig and Zag positions of the blade being used.

The final photos are of earlier prototype experiments of this blade shape that went into the development of the ZIG ZAG knives.


Part of the fun of carving is discovering the variety of ways the cutting edge can be used to shape and detail a carving project. The ZIG ZAG blade shape offers a versatile combination of cutting edges. The WOOD BEE CARVER often says, “Woodcarving is more the journey than the destination,” and experiencing the thrill and discovery of a carving knife slicing through the wood is one of the joys of the journey .  ZIG ZAG knives may be ordered from  HELVIE KNIVES  765-675-8811.



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