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This Indian Half Pint is a smaller version of a six inch carving of an Indian carrying a lance and a shield. A Half Pint is a three inch tall figure carved to the scale of a half inch equals a foot.  It begins as a three inch by an inch square basswood block.

The Progressive Steps illustration below give a visual progression from the beginning block of wood to the completed carving in four views.


The next series of photos will be of the beginning stage of shaping the feather head dress and head in the block of wood that has the body parts and clothing outfit guidelines drawn to guide the opening carving to basic form cuts.  Notice that the head of the lance has been blocked in to be shaped to form at a later stage.  The lance will be the weakest part of the carving as the wood is thinned above the hand requiring great care to eliminate breakage.

The next three photos will show the basic form of the Indian taking shape followed by three photos of the completed carving with details finished. Notice the knives in these photos are representative of the knives used during these stages.

The final photo gallery with be of the finished carving that is stained with artist oil paint Raw Sienna and Boiled Linseed Oil and finished with Deft brushing lacquer.


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