HORNET BEE ~ Signature Series Helvie Knife # 10

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Hornet BEE

The HORNET BEE is the latest addition to The WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Series knives by Helvie Knives.  Maintaining the basic concept of a slicing blade with a curved cutting edge from the tip to the notch of the extended tang of the blade, the Hornet Bee is a smaller version of the Wood Bee Carver blade shape with a very long extended tang.

Hornet BEE

The HORNET BBE’s  versatility is its extended reach for making slicing cuts in hard to get to places of a carving project as well as the dynamics of the effect of the slicing action at the end of the longer reach of the entire blade.  The “slice and roll” cutting action in either the push or pull stroke results in a scooping out effect in shaping the carved wood.  The center section of the blade between the tip and the tang produces a shallow gouge like chip when sliced through the wood.

The Hornet Bee is an excellent choice for carving small, hand held carving projects like the three inch tall Hobbit  in the following photographs which show various cuts being made in tight areas as well as overall shaping of the basic form and carving details.




Hornet BEE Hornet BEE Hornet BEE Hornet BEE


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