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“Wood carving is more the journey than the destination,” is a saying that describes the experience of carving.  The fun part of the journey is the actual carving process while the destination is what happens to the carving after it is completed.  One destination is to enter carvings into competition at wood carving shows to receive the evaluation of the judges.

Participating in wood carving shows and entering pieces into competition is also a part of the journey that helps to expand the horizon for the carver.  Participating in wood carving shows is to allow the visitors to the show view one’s carvings and converse about the carving process that is both an encouragement to the carver and to those who aspire to carve.

Entering pieces into competition continues the journey  for the  carver to realize an objective evaluation of one’s carving pieces.  The only person one is competing with is oneself.  Even when carvings are entered into a particular Category and particular Class, not all carvings will be equal to imply that one is better that the others.  They all may be fruit, but apples, oranges, pears and grapes are all sweet and good, but each is judged on each one’s merits.

Carvings are like that in that at any given show the judges evaluate each carving and determine at that time and place an evaluation of each carving that might result in a ribbon and recognition.  This does not mean necessarily that one carving is better than another.  Rather it means that the judges have evaluated each carving on its own merits.

At any given show there are probably five to ten carvings that could be recognized and honored as Best of Show.  Carvings entered in several wood carving show competitions may receive a different honor at each of the shows.  Or a carving may receive recognition at one show and receive no recognition at another.

A carver should enter into competition for the fun of it, seeking honest evaluation and not take competition seriously.  Realize that the judges are offering their best evaluation and are willing to offer a personal explanation when asked by the carver who sincerely wants to improve one’s presentation.

Entering pieces in competition is to give the judges something to do, for if carvers are shy and reluctant to enter pieces, then there are fewer pieces for the judges to evaluate.  Entering into competition, one may be pleasantly surprised by the judges evaluation and receiving any ribbon is an honor.

The photos above show recent honors at two different shows for which I humbly thank the judges for their evaluation.  The judges at the 2008 Caricature Carvers of America competition honored four of my entries which can be viewed at www.cca-carvers.org

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