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Introducing Goose who is the older and more mature Hobo when compared with his partner of the road Moose.

Moose and Goose represents the long and storied history of  the travelers in the nostalgic memory of the time long gone by never forgotten.

Following the American Civil War there was an expansion of population migrating to the West coast and places in between.  Railroads were being built, homesteads being settled, forests harvested for lumber, mines developed, bridges, factories, stores and industry were on the cusps of bringing in a new age.  A good part of this expansion created an avalanche of the itinerant laborer commonly known at the “hobo.” Originally called a “Hoe Boy” to designate the agriculture laborer who traveled from farm to farm carrying his hoe as part of crop cultivation and weed control.  Soon the term “Hobo” was applied to any itinerant laborer who traveled, often by foot and catching a ride on the boxcar of a train to the next job opportunity. The hobo way of life was never easy but people did what they had to do to survive and make a better way of life.

In spite of the hardships and negative aspects of the hobo experience, the Hobo has been romanticized into a folk hero as the subject of story, art and historic memory.  The tattered, rumpled, and patched clothing has become the uniform of the vagabond of the road who often carried their belongings in a bindle bag tied to a walking stick.  They were known by the moniker of a nickname more than their given name as such nicknames colored their personality.  And so, it is with these two wood carvings who are known as “Goose” and Moose” the origin of which is long forgotten but still colorful to the imagination.

The photo gallery that follows begins with various views of Goose and then will be followed with various views of Moose. Let the viewer eyes to the talking as each photo is visually examined.


Next is the gallery of Hobo Moose in various views to let the viewers eyes do the talking.


To View the progressive steps CLICK ON ~ CARVING HOBOS ~ Goose and Moose  


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