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Hobbit  characters have been popular ever since they first appeared in the writing of  Tolkien  and subsequent movies.  A friend commissioned a carving of a Hobbit which was a new subject for this carver.  So the research process that follows the initial idea for a carver began by first going to the Internet research box like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  When doing such research always add the word “images” following the subject being researched in order to go to a site dedicated to innumerable images.  Next step was to contact my IDEA MONSTER, Don Stephenson  who knows about a lot of subjects that he can draw on a sketch pad.  He drew up several examples of Hobbits on paper, then drew a Hobbit on the note he included with the drawings, then drew a Hobbit on the cardboard insert for support in the envelope and finally drew a Hobbit on the shipping envelope.  Photographs of his drawings are displayed below.

The next process in this carving project was to carve the first Hobbit as a learning project to get the feel for the personality of a Hobbit.  While carving this first Hobbit the tug of war between the knife to the wood and the subconscious creative side of the carver were working out the design that is whittled into a block of wood.  The first carving pushed the creative subconscious to begin to make plans for the second Hobbit that will become the commissioned piece.  The photographic journey that follows begins with the first Hobbit followed by the second Hobbit.

Study each photograph with its neighbors to read between the lines using imagination to follow the carving process.  The photographs that include a knife is showing the knife used and the particular cut being made.  All the knives have a scimitar shape to the blade which allows for getting into tight and ackward areas to make necessary cuts.  Every carving project is making a journey into the middle mind of the carver to make discoveries of creativity that lead to the joy of carving.  Make the carving  journey often to have the time of your life and while on the journey some of the nicest friends you will ever make are wood carvers.  Enjoy the  JOURNEY.

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