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Two dimensional artists often work out a creative design by drawing variations of the same theme over and over again in a sketch book.  It is all a part of an artistic study to see and experience what the creative imagination envisions.  Woodcarvers do the same by carving a themed subject over and over again.  Every carving project is a journey in learning as well as allowing the creative sub conscious to partner with the carver in creating variations on a common theme. Every carving is a practice piece that provides another journey down a familiar path that has twists and turns not seen on previous journeys.


The carving subjects of a Hobbit, a Troll and Whittle Dwarfs have all been carved before but these recent versions are a little different than the previous ones.  It is not like the old saying that says, “if you have seen one you have seen them all,” because each was carved with a more experienced eye, experienced skill and experienced sensitivity to the creative process.  This is not as much photographic memory duplication as it is creating a new memory of the variation on a theme. Much can be learned by carving the same subject or theme over and over again as part of the ongoing study of learning by doing.  As has been said many time, “the more one carves the better one carves,”  so carving Whittle Dwarfs, Hobbits and Trolls again and again sharpens the carver’s skills as well as imagination’s possibilities.


Follow the photographic journey of the recent versions of previously carved subjects as a study in carving design with an invitation to follow the journey by carving any one of these subjects to experience the thrill of setting imagination free.  In other words, carve your own version of a Hobbit, or a Troll or try the fun of carving a variety of Whittle Dwarfs.


.  Each carving journey will open new paths of self-discovery and carving experience. “Would be carvers would be carvers if they would carve wood,”  is not only a motto, it is a way of life into the carver’s world where imagination and reality create.  Enjoy the journey.

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