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Stinger BEE

HELVIE KNIVES  announces the introduction of the latest edition of the WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Series Knives.  The STINGER BEE Knife is a marriage or combination of the Series # 1 and Series # 2 in its design as a slicing carving knife.  While the # 1 and # 2 have a thicker bevel, the new # 5, STINGER BEE has a thinner bevel that lends itself to a flat plane slicing cut.

Stinger Bee

All three knives have an extended tang that allows for the full cutting edge of the curved cutting edge to be used and for making a longer reach without being impeded by the handle. Series # 1 and # 2 are called Universal Whittle-Carving knives in that the tip end of the blade serves as a detail part of the blade while the larger part of the  cutting edge serves as a roughing out and shaping cutting edge.  The thicker bevels of these two knives are designed for a “slice and roll” cut primarily in the push stroke from the tip toward the middle of the cutting edge.  The thick bevel moves the fulcrum point of the side of the blade closer to the cutting edge to assist in a roll out of the cut resulting in a dishing out or scooping of a chip. The thinner beveled side of the # 5 moves the fulcrum point further away from the cutting edge resulting in a flat plane slicing cut.

Stinger BeeStinger BeeStinger BeeStinger Bee

The basic design of the Wood Bee Carver blades functions best as a slicing knife in both the push and pull stroke.  Slicing cuts are the most efficient use of the cutting edge resulting in a smooth and slick cut through the wood. Think of slicing bread or slicing steak as an illustration of slicing cuts while carving..  The tip portion of the blade acts like a skew chisel in the push stroke.  The belly of the curved cutting edge slices like a shallow gouge in either the push or pull stroke.  The curved cutting edge as it curves into the notch of the tang slices like a draw knife.

Stinger BeeStinger BEE Stinger BeeStinger Bee

The photograph of six carved figures were all carved using the STINGER BEE ~ Series # 5 knife.  The knife is also pictured with a Civil War soldier being carved to basic form and also pictured with two soldiers in their finished stage.  The STINGER BEE gets its name from the “sharpness” and “preciseness” of a bee sting and is a characteristic of the feel of the slicing action of its blade.  The handle is shaped like a torpedo shaped cigar.  It fits comfortably in the carving hand and can be rotated while carving to guide the blade in whatever direction is needed for a slicing cut.

Stinger Bee

Rich Smithson does the art work and wood burning on the handle as well as the making of excellent carving knives.  Phone Helvie Knives 765-675-8811 to inquire and order the latest edition of the STINGER BEE ~ Signature Series # 5.


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