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Helvie Knives has added a new knife to the WOOD BEE CARVER’s Signature Knife Series with a smaller version of the Scimitar Blade shape of the # 2.  Even though it is much smaller yet it is more than a “detail” knife in that it can carve quite adequately a six inch figure as well as miniatures as evidenced by the photographs below.  (click on photos to enlarge)


Series # 1 is a Universal Whittle-Carving Knife that has a cutting edge that curves up to meet the twelve degree slope of the back edge as well as the curving cutting edge curving into the extended tang of the blade. Series # 1 would be a good choice for a carver making the transition of using a curving and slicing blade instead of a straight cutting edge.

Series # 2 is also a Universal Whittle-Carving Knife that has a Scimitar blade shape with the concaved back edge mirroring the convex of the cutting edge that also has an extended tang.  The extended tang allows for a further reach of the cutting edge as well as safe area to wrap an index finger around blade while choking up for a detail carving cut. The Scimitar blade shape allows for slicing cuts to be made in tight areas.


Series # 3 is a smaller and flexible blade that is a combination of the # 1 and # 2 without an extended tang.  It is used for carving smaller figures as well as a detail carving blade.

Each knife in this signature series is handled with a fat cigar shaped Cherry wood handle that allows the carver to rotate the knife comfortably while guiding the blade to slice in any direction.  Each series handle is  embellished with the art work of wood burning by Rich Smithson, who along with his wife Holli and daughter Skylar own and manufacture Helvie Knives.

To purchase any of the Helvie Knives visit them at their web site http://www.helvieknives.com/



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