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HELVIE KNIVES offers three rough outs on their web site http://www.helvieknives.com under RoughOutStore.  Rich Smithson of Helvie Knives asked the Wood Bee Carver to carve two rough outs entitled “Jade” and “DaRokk” to show an example of a knife carver carving a rough out.


The Wood Bee Carver normally carves from a block of wood and seldom carves a rough out since there is a difference of creative approach in the carving process.  With a rough out the basic shape has been determined and the carver carves in the details within the confines of the predetermined design.  Some creative license can be applied in the detail portion of the carving process so that the finished rough out carving does not look like every other rough out carving of that subject.




The comparison of the original rough out photos with the photos of the Wood Bee Carver’s carvings will illustrate the subtle changes in the overall design.  The change with DaRokk was carving a rabbit in the left hand instead of the spear in the original.  The change with Jade was carving clothes instead of texturing the fur of the bear and also adding a heart to the back of the overalls and carve the nose of the bear in the shape of a heart.

[A future posting on this blog will show photos of these carvings in process along with the knives used to accomplish the end result ~ Helvie knives, of course.]

 The Helvie Rough Outs are fun projects. To order, contact HELVIE KNIVES 765-675-8811.


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