HELVIE KNIVES – Signature Series # 3

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Helvie Knives  is introducing Series # 3 Signature knife of the WOOD BEE CARVER series that can be considered a “detail carving knife.”  The knife is pictured in front of two characters called “Traveler” which were carved using the knife in the picture.  Each “Traveler” is carved out of a one inch square by three inch tall block of basswood.  The Series # 3 Signature knife blade is an inch and a quarter long with a curving up cutting edge to meet the twelve degree slope of the back edge.  This design of the blade allows for a slicing cut almost any way it is used in a push or pull slice as well as sideway, upside down and right side up direction of the slicing cut.  Go to “Cool Links”  and click on “Helvie Knives”  to find ordering information.

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