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Mini Mertz

HELVIE KNIVES  announces the introduction of the latest edition of the WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Series Knives.  Signature Series # 6 ~ the MINI MERTZ is a true detail knife with a thin handle. The cherry wood handle is wood burned with the art work of Rich Smithson who makes the Helvie Knives along with his wife Holli and daughter Skylar.

mini mertz   Mini Mertz   mini mertz

The five inch tall cowboy was carved to demonstrate that it could be done using slicing cuts with no forced wedge cuts.  A one and three quarter inch tall cowboy was also carved with this knife to demonstrate that its main purpose is for making delicate and precise detail cuts.  The photographic journey of the two cowboys reveals the results of carving with this knife. (Click on photograph to enlarge – use back arrow to return to main page)

Mini Mertzmini mertz mini mertzmini mertz mini mertzmini mertzmini mertz mini mertz

It is recommended to hand strop on a leather strop coated with appropriate abrasive compound to keep the cutting edge tuned to it most efficient carving edge.  Buffing on a motorized wheel will round over the cutting edge very rapidly defeating the purpose of stropping.  A blade normally only needs to be sharpened when the cutting edge is damaged or the cutting edge has been rounded over by too aggressive buffing.

Contact HELVIE KNIVES at 765-675-8811 with any questions about the Mini Mertz or to place an order.  HAPPY CARVING.



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