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HELVIE KNIVES announces the addition of a handle choice in the WOOD BEE CARVER  Signature Series for the Detail Bladed Knife # 3, # 3-1 and # 3-2.  One choice is the Original Handle and the second choice is the SWEET BEE Handle of the Second Generation knife series.  The photographs indicate the two handle designs along with a telephone number to Helvie Knives for ordering purposes.

SWEET BEE             SWEET BEE             SWEET BEE

The # 3 series along with the # 6 Mini Mertz are designated as “Detail Bladed Knives” to indicate that they are to be used for fine detail carving and the shaping of smaller carving projects.  A larger bladed knife is designed for carving the larger projects as well as detail carving. There is no one knife that can be used for all kinds of carving activity making both a rough out blade and a detail blade appropriate for most carving projects.  HELVIE KNIVES  carries a full range of knife shapes and sizes to fit any carver’s needs.

Rich, Holli and Skylar Smithson await the opportunity to help you with your knife carving needs at 765-675-8811.


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