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Helvie open        Helvie intermedate      Helvie beginners

The Helvie Knife Competition was judged at the Renegade Carving Seminar in Lebanon, TN by Steve  Brown and Jon Nelson.  Pictured above are the winning entries. The left photo are the winners in Open Class who were (left to right) First: Myron Compton; Second: Mark Akers; Third: Bob Hersey. Middle photo are the winners in Intermediate Class who were (left to right) First: Fred Nahlen; Second: Kathleen Mankinen; Third: Kerry Richard. The right photo are the winners in the Beginners Class who were (left to right) First: Mary K. Peterson; Second: John R. Munter; Third: Scott Boyle.

Helvie judges        helvie judges 2      helvie judges 3 

Judges Steve Brown and John Nelson had their hands and minds full of decisions to make from the abundant entries of knife handles carved from all over the country.  Thanks to Rich, Holli and Skylar Smithson of Helvie Knives who sponsor this fun competition and all who participated.

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