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Rich Smithson of  Helvie Knives  announces that he is making Collector’s Edition Knives  bearing his own wood burned artwork on the handle of all the caricature images of the Signature Series of knives. The photographs above show both sides and top and bottom of the six inch long cherry handle trimmed with pakkawood. Those who participate in the Signature Series are Tom Brown, Gerald Sears, Bruce Henn, Chris Hammack, Mark Akers, Randy True, Floyd Rhadigan and Don Mertz.

These special Collector’s Edition Knives  will sell for $100 each and take up to four weeks to be shipped after order is placed due to the hand burned art work done one at a time.  Knife blade shapes will include Standard Helvie Long, Roughout, Detail or Universal Scimitar (as in photo above).  Inquiries and orders may be placed with Rich or wife Holli at Helvie Knives.

Rich, Holli and daughter Skylar are very generous friends of the carving community as well as producing a well-respected and beautiful carving knife.  Each Collector’s Edition Knife  is a one of a kind knife that will bring a lot of carving pleasure to whoever has one.

Recently, Rich traveled to Lexington, SC to take a one-to-one class with Mark Akers who is also one of the Signature Series carvers.  Rich is a budding carver who is  adding to his artistic and knife making skills.  The photographs below are shared by Rich so now a face can be identified with a name, both for Rich and Mark Akers and his wife Tina.


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