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The photograph shows a Clown writing pen and a Hobbit carved recently for  Helvie Knives  for their private collection.  The writing pen began as a ball point pen cartridge inserted into a short and a longer block of basswood to see an example of what could be carved as a carved writing pen.  The Hobbit was carved out of a five inch tall by two and three quarters inch square block.

A picture is worth a thousand words suggests what can be learned from studying pictures in this photographic journey.

The first photographic journey is of the Clown writing pen showing the front and back view followed by a picture of the Helvie Signature Series # 3 knife used to carve the Clown.

The Hobbit was carved to form using a Helvie Limited Special Edition  larger two and a half inch scimitar blade in a Pakkawood handle. A smaller two inch scimitar bladed knife, the Signature Series # 2 and a Collector’s Series knife were used for refining the form into detail carving of the overall figure


The photograph journey of the Hobbit that follows will show the completed carving; then the progressive development from a block of wood with simple guidelines drawn on sides followed by the figure carved to basic form; and followed by the versatility of the scimitar blade shape for carving various areas of the carving.


The block of wood is being opened up using the Limited Special Edition Helvie Knife  with a two and half inch scimitar blade in a Pakkawood handle.


Carving to basic form was accomplished using a Helvie  Collector’s Series Knife  and a Signature Series # 2  knife with a two inch scimitar blade.


Versatility of the Scimitar blade shape which slices with push and pull strokes  is illustrated in these four photographs using the Limited Special Edition knife.  The first photo shows the blade design with its extended tang to facilitate a long reach across a large area of wood.  The second photo shows a push stroke using the curved up tip as if it was a skew.  The third photo shows the center of the cutting edge being used to separate the back of the arm from the back of shoulder with a notch cut.  The fourth photo shows the blade turned upside down to slice upwards along the side of the face of the Hobbit between the lantern.


The first two photographs show the tip of blade being used in detail carving.  Photo three shows using the cutting edge like an ice skate that when pushing forward in a slicing action and twisting the blade at the same time results in a gouging out effect to the cut.  This cut is used for making soft waves in hair and beard and soft wrinkles and contours in clothing.  It can also be called a “dishing out” slicing cut.  The next two photos continue to show the use of the tip to detail the separation of the jacket and belt while the next photo shows the tip of blade separating the pant leg cuff from the side of the shoe.  The next to last photo shows the Signature Series # 2 knife with the finished carving.  The last photo is a close up of the face and lantern.


The  Limited Special Edition  knife as pictured in the photo to the left with large two and half inch scimitar blade in a Pakkawood handle fitted with a WOOD BEE CARVER  Logo and Signature  leather sheath may be purchased from Helvie Knives for $45.00.  This knife can only be ordered by an email to Helvie Knives at  zen@tiptontel.com  along with a check or money order since it is a Limited Special Edition.  Rich and Holli Smithson will be happy to answer any question you might have about this particular knife or any of their other knives.


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