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Rich, Holli and Skylar Smithson of HELVIE KNIVES sponsor a knife handle carving contest with the judging done at the Renegade Carvers Roundup in Lebanon, TN in March.  Photos of the entries and winners are displayed in this photographic display. (click on photos to enlarge)

bass01 bass06bass02 bass04bass03bass07bass05bass08bass09bass10bass12bass13bass14bass16bass18bass20                                    bass11


Next is a series of photos shared by Wyman Taylor showing the progressive steps in carving his winning sword fish.

100_6568 100_6569 100_6570 100_6571100_6579100_6580100_6581100_6582100_6583               100_6586               100_6587


Here is a photo of Santa and chimney blade cover  carved by Don Stephnenson.









Finally here are photos of two knives Mark Akers carved with the head of figure being the blade cover.

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