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HALF PINT MINIATURE CARVINGS are three-inch-tall figures carved in the Whittle-Carving style of the Wood Bee Carver using only knives to carve these figures.  Miniatures are commonly defined as a carving that will fit into a two-inch cube. Three-inch miniature is the classification used by the Affiliated Wood Carvers Association at the International Woodcarvers Congress competition. “Half Pint” uses the half inch scale of a half inch equals a foot which makes “Half Pint” proportionally equal to half of the average height of six feet tall humans.

A tutorial on how to carve the Civil War Soldier version of a Half Pint is available as a pdf document in the BEE HIVE section of this blog (extreme right column box) or by clicking on this hot link ~ HALF PINTS MINIATURE CARVING GUIDE. This tutorial is adaptable for making any of the Half Pint miniatures pictured in this gallery.

The first Half Pint miniatures to be featured are individual Civil War Soldiers.







The next series is Three Wizards three inch miniatures.

The next Half Pint Miniatures are Old Salt Seaman.





The next Half Pint Miniature are two Pirates.





The next series of Half Pint Miniatures is Railroader with Lantern.


The last series of Half Pint Miniatures are three Old Geezers.




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