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HALF PINTS are three inch tall figures carved with the half inch scale equals one foot.  A six inch tall carving of a hobo would be to the scale of an inch equals a foot. These five Half Pint Hobos in this posting followed the basic design of previous hobos carved in the one inch scale. Half Pints are also characterized with having one monochrome coloring to emphasis that texture is color as seen in the facet surface texture of the carving process. Miniature carvings are typically categorized as no larger than fitting in a two inch cube.  Half Pints are slightly larger at three inch tall on a one inch square base making them just a little above being a true miniature.

The gallery below will show two views of each hobo and then a larger composition of all five hobos in four views to get an overall view to study.




The final photographic study is of the progressive stages  that begins with the template guide followed by the stages of carving the head area to basic form and then the drawing of guidelines of the entire figure progressing through carving the basic form of a hobo progressing towards the final stage of carving the  details. All five hobos are featured to allow visual imagination to carve between the lines towards the final example to compare with the previous composition of the completed hobos above.





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