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Gunny Sack Glenn is another example of  a Hobo caricature carving that has all the characteristics of a hobo with well worn, torn and patched clothing that is mis-matched and toes coming out of a shoe.

The first series of photographs show two hobos carved to the basic form along with the finished hobo.  The purpose of such a photographic study is to carve with imagination  in the viewer’s mind that which is between the form and the completed carving.














The hobos are carved out of an inch and half square by five inch tall block of basswood.  The hat and head are carved to basic form first and then the body is laid out using the Rule of Three of Body Proportions to complete the pose of the hobo.  The body is then carved to form utilizing as often as possible flowing lines that create a series of lazy “S” shapes.  Such flowing lines give movement and aesthetic appearance.

Artist oil paint mixed with boiled linseed oil is the coloring finish that dresses up the hobo into a hobo.







Gunny Sack Glenn is carry his bedding, extra clothes and necessities in a gunny sack or bindle as it was commonly called.  Besides being cheap and easy to find, the bindle bag, be it a bandanna, blanket or a gunny sack had a practical purpose.  A cloth bindle could be washed to get rid of not only dirt but also pesky insects like bed bugs and lice. A suitcase or satchel could not be cleaned as efficiently and was bulky and cumbersome to carry or store in a cramped area while on the road.

Hobos were practical with a make do attitude that patched up a torn trouser as well as patching up the friendship of the hobo way.  Hoboing was not an easy-go-lucky way of making it through another day, but was making one’s luck as easy as possible.

There is a romantic hobo in each of us who finds comfort in an old pair of worn out shoes, scruffy and well worn clothes and thoughts of traveling through life with a care-free attitude.  Few of us will ever become a hobo but through the carving of a hobo figure, the carver can be that hobo.  Which raises a pondering thought as to whether a carving lives because the carver carved life into the carving or does the carver live because carving is a way of life?  Does a carving become the carver or does the carver become the carving?

Life is short so carve as often as possible in order to live a fulfilling life.


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